Interior Designs


Seriously, this is cool: this humble blog has been blocked by web filtering software at the Department of the Interior.

How awesome is that!!

Man, the place just ain’t been the same since Jimmy Watt left it, ya know?

Of course, one might hope for censorship from a somewhat bigger player than the Department of the Interior–the bureaucracy whose job in life is to watch trees grow, prevent mining and drilling only in areas where these natural resources exist, and to periodically burn down Los Alamos.

But, hey! You gotta start somewhere.

And from the looks of the other sites blocked–some big hitters, these–maybe my ship has finally arrived…

UPDATE: Here’s the latest scoop on what’s going on with the blocking of sites at the Department of the Interior, over at PoliticsCentral.

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7 thoughts on “Interior Designs

  1. Wow Dr. Bob! Congratulations are definitely in order! I’m impressed! You’re in some mighty fine company there, too!

    And to think I was appalled at the Chinese government with web site banning …

    Ah well … you must be doing something right, so keep on blogging!

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  3. I don’t know that you should really call this censorship unless I am missing something.

    All I think that this means is that the department does not believe that reading your blog is in line with what their employees are suppose to be using government’s resources for. The fact that the daily kos is not blocked might just mean that not many people go there. If that were true, the web logs would not show the daily kos as being a problem.

    I am somewhat familiar with how the government tries to regulate what their employees use their internet connection for. All I think this means is that a lot guys working for the fed are checking your blog on the government’s dime. Which is cool as far as I am concerned; there are much worse things they could be doing with our tax dollars.

    Still, I don’t think you should be calling it censorship. It cheapens the word.

    Where I work they are always finding new sites to block and the guys are always finding new sites to go to.

  4. Well, I’m not too worried about censorship, really–I was just having a little fun with the ridiculousness of a blog like this being on their list.

  5. So, is it true that, if I wanted to get on this list, all I would have to do would be to add an anti-jihad post?

    Sigh…I don’t think I could do that without violating one of the main purposes of my blog and having to remove a link or two.

  6. I think, as the Chieftan said, this was part of a department-wide crackdown on blogs–and they grabbed some blogrolls from a conservative blog first. Of course, time will tell whether the lib blogs will get banned as well. I just found it rather funny to be on the blacklist. I’d be a bit surprised if my blog was even read by anyone in Interior….

  7. According to Wretchard Over at the Belmont Club, Liberal Blogs are now being blocked.

    I almost wonder if they blocked the conservative blogs first so that the liberals could not complain that this was a conspiracy by Bush. But that would probably be giving the government to much credit for brains.

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