The Watch

An old Mafia don lies sick on his death bed, his family gathered around.

The old man lifts his head, and turns to his 12-year-old grandson:

“Vinny, mya boy, I’m a die. I givva you mya pearl-handled .38 revolver.”

Vinny, never shy, says, “Thank you, grandfather — but I’d rather have your Rolex watch.”

The old man lies quiet for a moment.

“Vinny, youa good-a-lookina boy.”

“Somma day you grow up, havva lotta money, marry you-a beautiful-a girl.”

“You havva lotta beautiful-a children like-a me.”

“You-a big-a man in-a Organization, you know?”

‘Then one-a day you comma home, you finda you wife, she a sleepin’ in you bed with another-a man.”

So what-a you-a gonna do?”

“Looka ata you watch and say, ‘Time’s a up???”