2 thoughts on “Remember Pearl Harbor

  1. When my husband was in the Navy, his basketball coach told about being in Pearl Harbor when the attack came. His story was harrowing and it was about 4 days before he could let his wife know that he was alive. I can’t remember what ship he was on.
    My husband will appreciate seeing these photos. Thanks.

  2. I know a 91 year old gentleman who was there. He has remarkably clear eyes, and walks on bad knees, with the help of cains. People always assume the kness are the result of age.
    His war lasted only twenty minutes, and he can’t recall everything that hit him, but he’s pretty sure it was anything that could be dropped or propelled.
    After a few months in the hospital, the Navy said they didn’t need him anymore, so he had all those women to himself for awhile.
    Maybe that’s why the eyes are so clear.

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