In My Dreams…

The vice presidential debate:

Gwen Ifill: The first question tonight is directed to Governor Palin: Governor, many people have raised the issue of your experience and qualifications to be vice president, or in the event of an untoward tragedy, to act as president. How would you address these concerns?

Sarah Palin: Thank you Gwen, I’m so glad you asked that. And before we start, I just wanted to congratulate you on your upcoming book to be released on January 20, “Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama” (Smiling sweetly) That’s so exciting! You know, Senator Obama wrote a book also — in fact, he’s written two of them. And of course, I have many disagreements with Senator Obama’s positions on a wide range of issues. But I read his books, and I was so impressed, especially by his humility.

You know, Gwen, right now we have a major housing crisis. And Senator Obama has handled one of these crises while he was in Chicago. He arranged a “land for favors” swap with Mr. Rezko, which resolved a small housing crisis in that city. And he did it for a little over $1 million — that’s sure a heck of a lot less money than Congress is talking about spending! Absolutely brilliant! Yet he never once mentioned it in either of his books — now that’s humility, and I admire it.

And you know, we have an education crisis in this country as well. Senator Obama spent several years on an education reform committee, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, with a true revolutionary in the world of education, William Ayres. Education hasn’t seen that kind of reform since the days of Karl Marx — his ideas were nothing less than explosive. Yet Senator Obama didn’t even mention this experience in either of his books. That’s humility we can work for.

You know, I’ve been working on a book myself. I don’t think it will be out before the election, but that’s the kind of experience I will bring to the White House.

I’m sorry, what was your question again, Gwen?

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