Wednesday Links

  • How does your salary compare with others?: 2006 National Compensation Survey. The full report is here
  • No Amber Alert needed: Lost parrot tells veterinarian his address
  • Costly oil is good for (some) (U.S.) businesses: This report on the effects of expensive oil on transport costs and the globalization of economies shows some surprising winners, such as U.S. steel companies.
  • Correct diagnosis, doctor: VDH diagnoses the baby-boomer “me” generation: All About Me
  • Want to get insulted?: high-class insult generator you can use on friends and family. To wit:
    “If you behave, there will be cake for the miscreants we call your brothers.”
    “Anathema comes ever to mind when thinking of you.”
    “Your dainty nostrils flare with the humblest grandiosity of an ant swallowing a water buffalo.”
    Makes me want to start a greeting card company…
  • Neo bemoans the discontinuation of a favorite product: which brought to mind perhaps the best appeal ever for a discontinued product, written by Lileks:
    An Open Letter to Bath and Body Works
    Don’t read it with food or drink in your mouth, lest you make an embarrassing mess…
  • Death of free speech in Canada: Deafening silence. Coming soon to a country of your own.
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