Tuesday Links

  • Those hateful, racist fundamentalists: Vanderleun goes looking for racism and hate in a broad swath of fundamentalist churches — and finds it in a most surprising place: Graven Images: Racist Fundamentalist Churches of America
  • Of course, you know, this means war: the intractable, insoluble problem of web standards and OS upgrades: no winners, no matter how they’re handled — Martian Headsets
  • Hand these suggestions to your doctor at your next visit: How to Improve Your Rapport Developmentafter he’s checked your prostate, if you’re wise.
  • Not just for programmers: 10 Ways to Improve Your Programming Productivity
  • Shattner before paunch and Priceline: CBS puts full videos of the early seasons of Star Trek online — as well as another favorite: Twilight Zone.
  • One safe cat: How Apple’s new Leopard OS is more secure: How Leopard Will Improve Your Security
  • Unweb motherhood: … And Baby Makes Two
  • Fragile families research: Fragile Families
  • The Anchoress on race: Obama, Psychic duality & the churches

    It has been exceedingly difficult to discuss race in this nation for about 30 years, because anytime anyone – white or black – has tried to make a serious point, the word “racist!” is immediately flung out; lasting and damaging labels are instantly attached to people, and so everyone just shuts down. People guard their words and swallow provocative debating points – even if their aim is to generate a real, open and honest forum of ideas – because no one wants to be called a racist. This happened to Bill Clinton and to Bill Cosby; it happened to Rush Limbaugh and Geraldine Ferraro, and driving today I heard the word spat out at Sean Hannity. It happened to me, actually, last week, when I was called a “racist” on another blog for writing this; I was also deemed “hypersensitive” about being called a racist.

  • Bombed by grace: One common argument against the existence of God is the existence of evil: how can an all-powerful, all-good God permit evil? But the knife cuts both ways: without a good and merciful God, how can goodness arise out of unspeakable evil? Grace’s Great Raid
  • Well, there’s always at least one person who will listen to you …: Talking to yourself

That’s all for now, God bless.

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