Tuesday Links

  • Saving sinking ships: I’ve heard of flipping houses, but flipping ships? A massive, 55,000 ton super-freighter packed with cars from Japan nearly capsizes off Alaska. Who ya’ gonna call? These guys: High Tech Cowboys of the Deep Seas. This is an amazing story, superb narrative, photos and illustrations. Don’t miss it.
  • Cain-ing the neo-atheists: R.R. Reno proves himself more than, err, Able to the task: The Offense of Piety
  • The most important man you never heard of: Henry Okah
  • Honor thy father and thy mother — or not:

    One pill makes you larger
    And one pill makes you small
    And the ones that mother gives you
    Don’t do anything at all

    Jefferson Airplane, “White Rabbit”

    Francis Schaeffer was one of the great intellectual minds in Christianity in the 20th century. His son Frank, however, has left the fold, and written a tell-all expose (Crazy for God) dissing his parents as crazy fanatics, while playing to the secular audience so receptive and fawning to fallen-away Christians. Frank has clearly taken the first pill, and made himself much, much smaller in the process: Crazy for God

  • David Warren nails another fine essay on postmodern culture: Science v. wisdom

That’s all for now. Take care, God bless.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Links

  1. Dang! You get some of the coolest links!
    Do you ever go to the office???

    I already had enough on my plate without that Wired article that I now have to carve out time for.

    Seriously, I’m glad you are tracking John Robb’s blog. It was among my links for some time, but slipped out of my orbit of interest. He is very bright.

    I know that he and Thomas P.M. Barnett are examining the most important trends in the world, literally, but when I start studying them I am overcome by a feeling of utter helplessness. When I look at U.S. actions in the Middle East, both military and diplomatic, we seem to be using blunt instruments carelessly, especially when seen through a lens like that of Nir Rosen.

    It is at those moments that I turn away and embrace my faith as a Christian Existentialist trying to find footing in today’s shifting sands of Denominationalism. Even the convergence movement can’t seem to get it together.

    You ever think about runing for public office?

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