Sunday Suggestions

Still staying very busy — here’s a few interesting links accrued over the past few weeks:

  • Big Insurance strikes again: UnitedHealth gets fined.
  • Proof of God: Jen over at Et tu? has a powerful story about her journey from atheism to faith. Here’s one of her recent posts on the knowledge of God’s existence: On having proof.
  • Imperialism revisited: David Warren ruffles our preconceptions, yet again: The Tour of Years
  • And you thought you were buying tools, not getting tooled: Join the Community — Get Spyware
  • The new atheists have no clothes: And the person who pointed out their natty nakedness was none other than Nietzsche: Atheism and Violence
  • Toxic ideas: If you’re interested in global terrorism and security issues, there’s two sites to check on a regular basis: John Robb’s Global Guerrillas, and Schneier on Security. While our politicians blather on about “change” and “new ideas” in ostrich-like fashion, some very old ideas are in ascendancy, as the global community devolves into anarchic tribalism, empowered by technology and global communications. Robb talks about the rapidity of movement in toxic ideas and ideology in Pandora’s Box; here’s Schneier on security vs. privacy
  • The futility of pursuing happiness: What do you do when the Dodgers fail to call?
  • That’s all for now — have a great week, and God bless. Back soon with more about grace.

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