Thursday Links

Here’s a smattering of links for your Thursday enjoyment:

  • The Backstreet Boys never had a smarter fan:
  • The original Frankenstein movie: A little late for Halloween, but here’s betting you haven’t seen this version of the classic movie:More background on Frankenstein here.
  • Don’t give this gal any lip: Woman arrested after she bites off ex-boyfriend’s lip.
  • A toxic witches’ brew: Take one part liberalism’s utopian dreams detached from the reality of human nature (and reality in general); add one part ideology-crazed homeless advocates; mix thoroughly with a bevy of ACLU lawyers; add a dash of liberal judges; The result? A human hell-hole called Skid Row: The Reclamation of Skid Row. Must-read City Journal article.
  • That’s all for now, God bless.

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