The headlights
Slashing, their savage brilliance hacking at the night
Frantically seeking the heart which drives this dark hollow beast.

Where is she?
There. Alone. Walking.
Hair cast in cold mercury vapors, the mockery of light.
Cold. Shivering. Surviving, yet again.

The road, empty.
The heart, empty.
The words, enraged and empty.
The road, unlit, dark as dawn divorced of day.

Questions pour forth
Rushing like blackened pavement beneath worn tires.
Rushing like whitened stripes streaking toward the past.
Anguished. Searching. Unanswerable.

Where is He?
Here. Alone. Talking.
Prayer cast in cold mercury vapors, a mockery of sight.
Frantically I seek the Heart which drives this dark hollow beast.

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One thought on “Headlights

  1. Dr. Bob, that put a very vivid scene in my heart and mind. You are truly a master of word … and imagery. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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