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A little late on getting the links up this week, but these should be worth the wait:

  • Brave tribal warrior bags great gray whale: Ya gotta love it when the liberal entitlement/victim groups harpoon one another. The Makah Indians in Washington state are trying to get an exemption to hunt gray whales from the feds, who have been protecting the species. Tired of waiting for the bureaucrats, the brave tribal warriors proceed with an ancient ritual: throw a few darts in a whale’s direction, then blow the floating blubber factory away with a .50-caliber machine gun. Of course, the animal rights folks are in a lather (with soap made from whale oil, perhaps?) The Guv’s upset ‘cuz the whale not only went belly up, but sank to the bottom — such a waste of an endangered species. Of course, being a good liberal, the Governor can’t criticize the Native Americans — not multiculturally correct — and she can’t criticize the animal rights lobby, for the Animals Are Our Brothers™. Wonder if we can’t get the feminists into this brawl — maybe the whale was a female? The Whale Nazi (cousin of the Soup Nazi) says: “No whale burgers for you, brave warriors!!” … Blubbering idiots, one and all: Whale dies after shooting, harpooning by Makah
  • Some things never change: We’ve all gotten used to the moral equivalency which says the U.S. is no better than the terrorists; that morality and ethics are subjective and set by the individual; that all cultures must be judged equal and never criticized or condemned, making no value judgments whatsoever. Turns out, this mental onanism is not a new phenomenon. From an article at First Things on Relativism comes this rather startling historical episode:

    Sometime during the course of World War II the United States War Department brought together a selected group of cultural anthropologists in order to secure their counsel regarding the management of psychological warfare in [the] face of German National Socialism. After the group had assembled in Washington one of their number asked what the War Department really expected of these men. He explained that in his work the cultural anthropologist for the sake of scientific objectivity presupposes the point of view of cultural relativism, and that therefore he entertains no biases or ethical preferences, in short, that he is not accustomed to making value judgments regarding the various cultures he studies. He went on to say that if the Germans preferred Nazism, they were entitled to that preference, just as democratic Americans are entitled to their own different preference. In either case, he said, the preference is simply an expression of a cultural milieu.

  • Who are the uninsured?: We hear all about those without health insurance in the U.S. — currently estimated at about 47 million. Just who are these folks, anyway? The answers may surprise you: America’s uninsured (HT: Maggie’s Farm)
  • Pass the prosciutto, please: Here’s your dose of terminal cuteness for the week: a Ukrainian video of a cat eating melon:
  • You just can’t make this stuff up: Jim McDermott, the wacko far-left congressional representative and former psychiatrist from Seattle, has finally achieved the pinnacle of honor he has so long coveted: McDermott knighted by king of Lesotho

    “His Majesty Letsie III, by the Grace of God, Sovereign of the Kingdom of Lesotho, is pleased by these presents to appoint Jim McDermott Knight Commander of The Most Dignified Order of Moshoeshoe,” the official citation reads.

    McDermott said he appreciated the recognition.

    “I represent Seattle, Washington, named for Chief Si’ahl, the inspired leader of the Duwamish and Suquamish Native American Tribes,” McDermott said in a statement. “A century ago, the great tribal chief said: ‘We did not weave the web of life. We are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.'”

    Next stop: King of the Flying Saucers.

  • Premonitions of 9-11: Some of these pictures & graphics — all created before 9-11 — are astounding — and a bit creepy: premonitions

That’s all for now — more later.

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  1. Gotta love the kitty. My cat loved cantaloupe and corn on the cob. We always enjoyed watching her. That was before the days of YouTube, however.

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