Sunday Suggestions

This week’s links:

  • Not man’s best friend: Pets are great, but pick yours carefully. Skip this one if you have arachnophobia, or a queasy stomach: Man Killed by Pet Spider. (HT: Evangelical Outpost)

  • No wonder he was late for his job interview: Another criminal mastermind bites the dust. Bank Robber Left His Resume, Photo At Scene

  • Tiny minds think alike: Some of you have heard about Tiny Muskens, the Roman Catholic bishop from the Netherlands. Tiny (whose nickname was no doubt given for his intellectual prowess in seminary) has the solution to all this Christian-Muslim animosity: let’s just all call God “Allah.” Uh-huh. As usual on such matters, First Things has the last word on such stupidity: The Name of God.
  • Give peace a chance, comrade: The Peace Racket. The far left has long used the “peace movement” to attack the greatest threat to its totalitarian dreams: the U.S.

  • Just a little day hike:
  • Jeff Bridges: On the Path. Me? I’d hire a chopper.

  • The perfect steak:
  • Bird Dog bales on the barbecue, but I’m not bitin’ — still love a good barbecue. The secret, IMHO: 1) Good steak (USDA Choice), nice and thick (1 inch), fillet the most tender but sirloin has better flavor; 2) Charcoal grill a must — no pantywaist propane imitations for me. Use a big Weber, nice hot fire (lots of charcoal, started in a chimney with paper or a fire starter, no lighter fluid, please); 3) Steaks should be at room temperature, dried off, coated with garlic oil and lots of ground pepper, no salt (sucks out the juices — salt it after cooking); 4) Sear both sides quickly with the Weber top off for maximum radiant heat, then cover with vents open fully. Turn often after searing; 5) I used to think I could gauge the cooking by eyeball and touch. Now I use an electronic meat thermometer (with the long extension cable). 120 degrees is rare, my preference medium-rare, 125-130.

    I love a good pan-fried steak as well, London broil, dried, coated in garlic or sesame oil, seared on an iron skillet. But they’ll take my charcoal grill away when they pry it from my cold, smoky hands.

That’s all for now – God bless, and have a great week.

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