Sunday Suggestions

This week’s links:

  • More is not better: Our sex-crazed culture seems to believe that saturation — in advertising, pornography, media, and everywhere else we look — will “free us from our sexual inhibitions” and make our sex lives better. Their real effect is just the opposite, as Naomi Wolf points out: it kills the eros of the real thing. Naomi is no right-wing, sexually repressed Bible-thumper, BTW — you may recall her as Al Gore’s “alpha male” consultant: The Porn Myth (HT: Evangelical Outpost)
  • Better living through chemistry: No, not the hippies solution from the 60s, but about the mundane but important topic of motor oil: Better Living Through Chemistry
  • Is it fair to say she was Miss Lead? Medics Remove Pencil After 55 Years
  • What’s on Hitler’s iPod?: Surprisingly, some Jewish artists: Hitler’s Music Collection
  • Is that a hose you’re carrying, or are you just glad to see me?: Funny how they’re always talking about how we religious folk try to “cram your values down our throats.” But it always seems like it’s the PC crowd who force people to accept their values: Firefighters File Complaint for Being Forced to Attend Gay Pride Parade. My question: why are the city firemen participating at all in a gay pride parade, which is fundamentally a political event? (and why no Heterosexual Pride parade, eh?) Perhaps for safety — after all, there’s some pretty hot guys there…
  • Universal coverage a good idea?
  • Arnold Kling challenges the assumptions. He seems taken in by the lower-prices-by-removing-licensing-restrictions argument (which would work only in a free market, which we don’t have), but he has some thought-provoking ideas: The Universal Distraction (HT: Maggies Farm)
    See also his excellent article on Insulation vs. Insurance — although if he had bladder cancer (a common disease), ignoring his microscopic hematuria would have been a very bad idea.

That’s all for now — have a great week, and God bless.

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