Sunday Suggestions

It’s time to cook up another batch of weekly web wanderings to wet your whistle.

So here goes:

♦ From the Cultural Cuisinart Department: Some people and situations just beg to be sliced and diced, verbally pureed and served over ice with whipped cream. Such is the case with one of our finer bench jockeys, the Honorable Roy Pearson. It seems that Hizzonor, an administrative law judge pulling in $100K a year in D.C. for vetting legal briefs, has gotten his knickers twisted over some misplaced pants. He’s suing a Korean dry cleaners for a cool $65 million because they lost his trousers. Talk about taking them to the cleaners. In off-the-cuff remarks in the courtroom this week, Pearson opined:

“These are not my pants,” Pearson recalled telling Chung when she handed him a pair of gray pants with cuffs. “I have, in my adult life, with one exception, never worn pants with cuffs.”

“And she said, ‘These are your pants.’ ”

Pearson paused. He struggled to breathe deeply. He could not continue. Pearson blurted a request for a break, stood up, turned around and walked out of the courtroom, tears dripping from his full and reddened eyes.

Slack-jawed, I tell you, slack jawed: if you work for McDonald’s, do not sell this man a cup of hot coffee. Gerard Van der Leun has puts the finishing touches on this delicious dish here.

♦ Islam in Europe: The conventional wisdom on the mass immigration of Muslims to Europe is that it has been purely economic in nature. Who knew it was actively pursued by a partnership between European elites and the Arabs as part of a response to Israel’s humiliation of the Arabs in the 1973 Yom Kipper war? The incomparable Andrew Bostom tells us a whole lot more. Can you say, “Blowback”, boys and girls?

♦ In the Really Cool Photographs Department: Here’s a site with color pictures from World War I — yes, WWI! Amazingly sharp and detailed. And for you WWII junkies, here’s color photos from that conflagration as well. Check it out.

♦ From the Driving Tips Department: We all know the dangers of driving while distracted — you know, fiddling with the radio, talking on the cell phone, eating fast food, embracing …


You betcha — and we safety-conscious Washingtonians have leading-edge legislation to nip this one in the bud:

A Washington State Patrol trooper pulled over an SUV on Interstate 90 in this Seattle suburb after observing it driving erratically about 1:20 a.m. Friday.

The trooper found both the driver and his female passenger were naked, with alcohol containers in the vehicle. They apparently had been interrupted in the middle of an intimate act, said Trooper Jeff Merrill, a State Patrol spokesman.

A 19-year-old Seattle man was arrested for investigation of drunken driving, a gross misdemeanor, and investigation of embracing while driving, which Merrill said was a misdemeanor. The 20-year-old Seattle woman was cited for being a minor in possession of alcohol, he said. The patrol did not release their names.

But I bet he keeps their crime scene photos on his computer …

Take care, God bless, and have a great Sunday.

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