I’m a Three-Year-Old

It is with little ado that I note the passing of my third blogging birthday (several weeks ago, actually), having somehow managed to accumulate a rather substantial collection of essays and lesser posts, leveraging millions of letters into thousands of words, scanned by hundreds and read by tens. The worth of such efforts is, by any standard, hard to measure; the metrics of web readership, hits and referrals, visits and comments, providing but poor report of what words may do, or phrases may evoke. That, I trust, must be judged by others, and by Another. Ours is a journey through life often lived for self, but intended in its highest and purest form and design to be for others. Our knowledge of such impact, of whether our purpose has been met or missed, whether our mission has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams or failed in ways unimaginably disastrous, is known, in life’s great paradox, least well by us. For life is measured not by income or position, nor by fame or power, but by lives touched and hearts changed — a metric at once impossible to measure yet enormously gratifying when glimpsed even in some small way.

I am most grateful for those who spend some time here reading, and hope your life is touched in some way, by laughter or love or glimpse of grace.

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6 thoughts on “I’m a Three-Year-Old

  1. Hi, I have been reading this site every time there is a new post for the last 18 months or so and I have to say that the value of this blog is incalculable. I have learned quite a bit and have saved most of the posts to a giant text file for further reflection. Your blog and the “one cosmos” blog are the best things on the internet. Keep up the good work and don’t ever stop blogging! Frank from Cambridge England.

  2. Congratulations and encouragement from me, too. I don’t know exactly when I started reading your blog but I got hooked by the bridge construction posts. I knew then you were not an everyday doctor. That may be how you pay the rent, but your skill set is obviously much bigger.

    What you do with your writing is something of a ministry. I am reminded of Henri Nouwen’s little tract The Wounded Healer, which I skimmed through several years ago. I took away from the book an important idea that ministry at its best is mutually beneficial to both provider and client, enriching and energizing, not depleting the minister as he goes about his task of healing. You seem to have caught the essence of that approach to helping others. It’s a fragile chemistry that most people never get, rarer than the talents of concert musicians. (And alien, I have decided, to all politicians. You must never be tempted to run for office.)

  3. I appreciate the words of encouragement. And you’ve reminded me it’s time to post a few more updates on the bridge, which is nearly finished.

    And, BTW, if nominated I will not run, and if elected I will not serve.

  4. Aw, rats. One sure vote, down the drain. :o(

    I don’t know when I started reading your blog, either, but I know I’ve been taught, inspired, and ministered to by your writing, usually by your serious posts, but by your occasional joke, as well. Laughter, like confession, is good for the soul!

  5. I started reading you back when you did the photo story of how to cook a turkey properly and have been coming here ever since. I find almost everything you write to be insightful and/or hysterical. Keep up the great blogging!

  6. Dr. Bob, as you know, yours was the very first blog I ever read. I’ve repeatedly combed your archives, saved many of your posts onto my hard drive for reading when I’m not online, and I’m certain that I could quote parts of some of them by heart.

    As long as you continue to write, I will continue to read. I still do, indeed, “worship [your] wordsmithing.”

    Thank you for the time you’ve taken, and continue to take, in sharing yourself with all of us.

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