Embryonic Stem Cells

A.M. MoonIf you have any interest in the ongoing debate, ethical issues, and clinical promise of embryonic stem cell research, you should take a few minutes and read this excellent article by Maureen L. Condic at the always-excellent First Things magazine.

Dr. Condic is an associate professor of neurobiology and anatomy at the University of Utah School of Medicine and conducts research on the development and regeneration of the nervous system.

You will find the article immensely helpful at clearing away the fog generated by ESCR proponents and their supporters in the media, politics, and the shallow, vapid, intellectual pools of Hollywood.

Do yourselves a favor and give this a read — and save a copy as a reference for the next time someone waxes poetic about their promise, or the “cruelty” of exercising the utmost caution in pushing ahead with such research.

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4 thoughts on “Embryonic Stem Cells

  1. I’d be sappy-happy if every member of Congress would read it, given the demands from within and without to remove the restrictions on funding imposed by the Bush administration. But I won’t hold my breath for that, either.

    Great article, Doc. Thanks. And a very happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. Thanks for the article – it’s very informative. My sister has Parkinson’s Disease and is very much for embryonice stem cell research – and nothing you can say will convince her it’s not “the answer”. She thinks the ends justifies the means – and that anything is okay to do as long as a cure is found (even taking life away from an embryo). I have an 18 year old daughter with Lupus Nephritis who had the courage to point out to her aunt that she would never want a life to be sacrificed in that manner so that hers could be saved. Even that remark didn’t change my sister’s stance on this issue. I’m going to email that article to my sister, although it will probably not sway her opinion, either.

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