Light Posting for a While

Virginia V Mosquito Fleet ferry
Virginia V – Mosquito Fleet ferry
I’ve been a bit out of pocket of late, in no small part due to an ongoing family crisis (which I alluded to here) which has consumed a lot of time and even more emotional energy. So I haven’t had the time or mental wherewithal to put many cogent thoughts together for posting. Hopefully this will change in the near future, but in the meantime I’ll repost a few of my earlier essays which some of you may not have read, or may do some shorter posts as time and energy permit. I may also post some photos I’ve got lying around: the above is the Mosquito Fleet ferry Virginia V, which made its maiden voyage in Puget Sound in March 1922, and is the last remaining steam-powered ferry of the Mosquito Fleet, seen above, restored, sailing in the Tacoma Tall Ships Festival in July 2005, where I took the above shot.

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2 thoughts on “Light Posting for a While

  1. Dr. Bob, I’m so sorry to hear that your crisis is “ongoing.” I hope that the problem is soon resolved … and that your life goes back to normal. I think you’ve had a bit of a rough year, eh?

    Thank you for posting those particular articles – they’re some of my favorites. I could almost recite one of those by heart …

    Be well.

  2. Thanks, Moof — yes, it’s been quite a year (my wife has this superstition about years ending in “6” always being bad–and I’m beginning to think she’s right…)

    Anyway, like most such times, they’re a little like cleansing enemas: not much fun, a lot of crap seems to happen–but good things come out in the end.

    (perhaps I should think of another metaphor, but it’s late…)

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