The Maze at Politics Central

There’s a new site just launched, affiliated with PajamasMedia, called Politics Central, the beta of which is now up and running. In its mission statement, Politics Central “aims to promote a deeper level of discourse, and seeks to introduce a consistent tone of civility in our coverage and discussions [of politics and discourse about public policy].”

It is a highly-polished site already, and promises to be a great resource, with some excellent pundits and writers, which can hopefully restore the substance, depth, and interplay necessary for a healthy democracy–characteristics long gone AWOL in our daily political discourse, much to our detriment as a nation.

And I am honored–and humbled–to have been chosen as one of the contributors for its maiden voyage. The Maze series–a multi-part work detailing the madness of our current medical billing and reimbursement system–will be featured in the Health Issues category. The first of the series (familiar to those who have been regulars here) may be found here.

So hop on over and take a look around–I think you’ll enjoy it.

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