Taking a Break

Norwegian waterfall
Norwegian falls, Europe 1972
I will be taking a break from blogging for a while, at least several weeks. The reasons are both joyful–my oldest daughter is getting married next week–and more reflective, as I plan to spend some time thinking about short and long-term goals in both personal and work domains. Life is good right now, with peace in the midst of a fair amount of turmoil and uncertainty. But change is in the air, and time with friends and family, time for prayer and reading, time for thought and reflection, and a hearty laugh with good friends over coffee or dinner, sound just about right to me now.

For those who may be relatively new as readers, below are some links to prior posts and series which some have found helpful, interesting, or annoying. Comments are turned off on most of the older posts to keep the spammers at bay, but feel free to e-mail me if something catches your fancy.

When I return, there’s still more on the medical coding series, lots more Tall Ships photos, updates on the new Narrows Bridge, perhaps a series on Christianity for Dummies, –and who knows what other blather and bloviation may flow forth.

The Maze–Medical Coding and Reimbursement

Building the New Tacoma Narrows Bridge

  1. History of the Tacoma Narrows Bridges
  2. The Two Towers I: Intro
  3. The Two Towers II: Concrete Thinking
  4. The Two Towers III: Anchor Management Classes
  5. The Two Towers IV: Out & Down
  6. The Two Towers V: The Struts
  7. The Two Towers VI: To the Top
  8. The Two Towers VII: Stairway to Heaven
  9. The Two Towers VIII: Spinning Beginning
  10. The Two Towers IX: Wheels Over Water
  11. The New Bridge at Christmas
  12. The Two Towers X: Compacting the Cable

Topics on Faith and Religion

Medical Ethics

Take care, God bless, thanks for reading–and be back soon.

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