The Juggler

If you think juggling CPT codes, edits, ICD-9 codes, and Medicare regulations is tough, you outta see this guy. Seriously–watch the whole thing–with the sound on. Coding is easy by comparison…

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7 thoughts on “The Juggler

  1. Um, in professional juggling circuits this guy’s routine consists of more head-tossing than juggling. Jason Garfield came up with a parody in short order: It doesn’t look quite as pretty, but then Garfield is using five balls instead of three and hasn’t been practicing this for his professional shows.

    If you want to see really hard juggling, check out the WJF videos. Less bling, more bang.


  2. Noooooo!

    Haha, this is pretty funny because we (at my house) were just talking about Christ Bliss this morning.

    Okay, a little background: My brothers and sisters and myself are self-taught jugglers. I don’t juggle much, or well (only three balls), but some of my siblings are juggling fanatics. One of my younger bothers is eighteen and he can juggle six balls. One of my much younger brother is nine and he can juggle four balls.

    Chris Bliss juggling three balls to music is entertaining and amazing to non-jugglers–but it is not technically advanced. Jason Garfield (a professional juggler) made a parody of the Bliss video using five balls. This is standard required watching for anyone who passes around the Chris Bliss video. Jason’s explination is here:

    If you want to skip the explination and simply watch the video, go here:

    So . . . the Chris Bliss video may be very enjoyable and entertaining, but it is not advanced juggling.

  3. As a follow up:

    Want to see some really cool juggling? The following link is to a video for a juggling at by a 12 year old girl and her 14 year old brother. They juggle while playing the piano. The video might take a bit of time to download because it is fairly long, but it is worth it:

    Go Here

    If you enjoy that first video you might also like this:

    Passing Video

    It’s the same brother-sister team that did the piano act previously. They’re a little older. Can you count how many objects they are juggling?

    Lastly, here is one more of juggling back-to-back while walking in a circle:

    Passing back-to-back

    What jugglers out there can do is staggering. Those three videos are just a very little taste. If you would like to see more I can provide you with plenty of links (via e-mail or in more comments)

    You can also watch the World Juggling Federation Competitions on ESPN on April 14th starting at 2:30. For more info go to

    Gee, I’m starting to sound like an advertisement. I better stop. I am in no way affliated with the WJF or any such organization. I just have a lot of fanatical younger brothers and sisters who juggle.

    Enjoy the videos.

  4. Incredible! Before long, I thought I was watching a 6-year-old kid who was snow-bound for several weeks at a time, with a good supply of tennis balls and bursts of energy. Voila’!

    In certain close-ups, I thought his face resembled Henry Winkler.

    (If that *was* Henry Winkler, you might have told me!)

  5. Yes, that “walk and chew gum” aspect is why the piano act (linked above) blows my mind so much. I can’t play the piano at all . . . to be able to play a piano and juggle at the same time . . . if I could multi-task like that I would be one productive man.

    BTW, as a bit of trivia, no one has ever managed to juggle nine clubs yet, so if you saw that it would be really amazing ;). The highest number of clubs qualified is eight. The highest number of clubs qualified in passing is tweleve. The world record for club passing is contained in the passing link I gave above.

  6. Yes, I’ve seen jugglers who are far more complex–in fact, as I viewed that video, I was struck that he only worked with three balls.

    But what struck me (apart from the fact that I have trouble walking and chewing gum simultaneously, much less juggling) was its value as entertainment: the performance, the timing, the synchronization with a great song, his stage presence. Far more interesting to me than watching some guy with 9 pins in the air at once (although those guys are definitely amazing as well).

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