Katrina Aid

Just wanted to add my plea to those many bloggers who are encouraging others to contribute generously to the relief of the those suffering through the Katrina disaster–undoubtably the greatest natural disaster to hit the U.S., ever. Truly heartbreaking.

I have sent my contribution to World Vision. While often mentioned in international relief, they have excellent capabilities and track record in national disasters as well. Furthermore, they are an organization of high integrity, and a very large percentage of you contribution will go to those in need, and to where you direct it. I have family and friends who work for this organization and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Whatever charity you choose, please give generously. Let our character as generous Americans prevail, remembering how greatly we have been blessed and sacrificing for those in need.

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2 thoughts on “Katrina Aid

  1. I would add to your recommendation the Salvation Army. I have talked to survivors of natural and other disasters, over the years, and they have said the Salvation Army is first on the scene with assistance. The Amer. Red Cross always, always, gets the focus of the media, and I don’t mean to minimize its value, but the people I have talked to tended to downplay its help and to raise up the S. A.

  2. my husband and i are hosting a benefit on the 16th wherein we have two *live* bands playing, lots of food, donations coming in – to help a family i met through blogging, as well as the American Red Cross. i have a paypal link on my site, as well, for anyone who wants to contribute to chad & crys, but that’s not my point for your thread :)

    i received an email from someone telling me i shouldn’t *pinpoint* who i want the donations to go to, that the need is exhaustive and overwhelming and should be spread around and went so far as to give me good recommendations… i understand what she was saying, but i felt good about having a direct contact where i know friends of mine are getting help – should charity not begin at home?

    in the end, as long as the monies get where they need to go, how bad is that?

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