Thoughts on New Blog

JesterOne of the many reasons for moving to WordPress has been better control and more options on comments. There is a balance between ease of commenting (desirable) and control of spam and flamers, or abusive commenters. I’m going to leave things pretty freewheeling for now, and see how it goes. Some busy blogs are using comment registration, which I find a mild inconvenience, but let me know what you think.

Also, any feedback on layout, link or permalink problems, etc. is much appreciated.

Also, if you’re interested in getting on the blogroll, this is a great time (reciprocity always appreciated, of course).

UPDATE: For those of you who couldn’t leave comments, I’ve figured out how to allow comments without registering. If you’re still having problems leaving a comment, leave me a comment (like those voice mail messages — “If you have a touch tone phone, please press 1. If not, please press 2.”) or e-mail me.

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One thought on “Thoughts on New Blog

  1. Dr. Bob, I found your site via the 65th Christian Carnival. Am having a blast reading some of your back posts, current ones, too. Anyway, I am adding your site to my blogroll. Especially enjoyed the one on grace at starbucks, and the one on liberalism and gnosticism. You’re a pretty good theologian, for a physician (a compliment). Keep posting. Blessings 2U.

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