A Life Well-Lived

On November 22nd, at 2 pm, at the age of 90, my wife’s mother passed from this life to the next.

She died peacefully, in no pain, with her family at her side, with true dignity.

Hers was an extraordinary life, an extraordinary spirit, an extraordinary faith.

She will be greatly missed.

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6 thoughts on “A Life Well-Lived

  1. How wonderful to be able to say “a life well lived.” My thoughts to your wife and family. No matter the age, or if it was expected, losing a loved one is hard, but God is a God of all comfort.

  2. Hi Doc, nice tribute but can you tell us more? What made her so extraordinary and what were some of the highlights of her life? I am always interested in good woman biography!

    I have a theory, one that I’ve never really spelled out or declared. I was born in the 50s and passed through the whole women’s lib thing. Some of the liberation was just and required, such as being able to clearly own things, to conduct my own credit history and to work unaccosted. That sort of thing, the legal infrastructure things.

    Yet some of the liberation I think is pretty damaging for women – freedom to act like a man? Thanks but no thanks. Freedom to act the part of harlot? I’ll pass that one by too. There are all sorts of encouragements in women’s lib that reduce Woman to a commonness and banality that are beneath our dignity.

    So here’s my theory – I think that women are born with a strong and innate tether to the Creator which gives us a strength and nobility that are unique and to be cherished. I think that a lot of christian dogma doesn’t mention women because – we already understand God’s goodness and purpose – it’s in our DNA. I very much prize all the gals I know and see who walk everyday in paths of love and support for their families and communities.

    But I also see that powerful and innate wisdom and tether starting to fade as a new generation of women come to maturity, born into the post-christian era. So many of these gals are becoming lost, unaware completely of their nobility and privileged birthright. Contemporary women seem anxious and confused and sad. I think Jesus assembled his apostles to be “fishers of Men” because men needed more to hear the message. Most women, if they could sense that built-in tether, already understand the Love. My theory anyway!

    I am sorry for your loss this Thanksgiving season but happy for the MIL that she’s back in the arms of Grace, Jess

  3. We stand with you and pray for you and your family in this loss.

    The picture is really beautiful!

    I know she will be remembered well.

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