Monday Links

Been busy, so here’s a few links of interest:

  • The denial of human nature: Christ Against the Multiculturalists. How “higher” education destroys our humanity through false equality:

    Here is how the game is played: They will first try to convince you that you are a racist, a sexist, and an enemy of social justice. Then they will argue that the victims of racism, sexism, and cultural elitism have a privileged view of these issues. It is as if the victim of the crime were to be given the first, last, and only word in a trial, with no cross-examination and no other witnesses called. Your job as a student in the multicultural classroom is to grant unquestioned authority to those who come from underprivileged or marginalized backgrounds. You have to do this because, you will learn, because Western culture has exploited every other culture, and your experiences are so shaped by Western culture that you cannot question those who criticize you. And thus you will become a good cultural leftist (which is the shape liberalism takes in the academy), or, if you are not convinced by these arguments, you will learn how to fake it for the sake of getting a good grade.

  • If you’re gonna moon someone, be sure to have a Trojan nearby: Did Earth once have multiple moons?
  • Does Jeremiah Wright = the black church?: Examining the United Church of Christ
  • The Anchoress on the loneliness of a lost generation: Progressively lonely and longing
  • Gagdad Bob on the irrationality of scientism: If Darwinism is True, it Can’t Be

Take care, God bless.

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