What Brilliant Darkness


What brilliant darkness now descends
To slay the weight which life doth rob
To bear the anguish undeserved
On frigid stone no glorious end.

The blazing lanterns light the night
As noble leaders drain the cup
To toast the end of ghost not known
And praise the triumph of blind sight.

What brilliant darkness now hangs deep
In hopeless end of fruitless dreams
In upper room no brightness cast
In lowered light a restless sleep.

The blazing lanterns light the night
As slumbered warriors wrap their cloaks
And starlight bathes the tethered beam
Where blood poured out in sacred rite.

What brilliant darkness now breaks bright
With light a sun can scarce reflect
To roll the stone which triumphs death
The lamps of countless souls to light.

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6 thoughts on “What Brilliant Darkness

  1. Christ has died. Christ is risen. Alleluia!

    I hope that, in heaven, I will have such an ability to create beautifully written prose and poetry. Until then, please, Dr. Bob, keep writing!

  2. Hello Dr. Bob,

    Very bright poetry….

    You can eliminate certain life stressors with this sort of habit and this result in a calmer disposition additionally to improved physiological response. It is no wonder that researchers suggest people who are actively involved with spirituality live longer lives and are in general more satisfied with their quality of life.

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