Pan-Cosmic Mullings

flying saucerOK, this is a site worthy of browsing–especially if you want your higher consciousness expanded in ways you never imagined possible. What’s particularly frightening for me is the fact that it makes sense–which is doubtless a reflection on my own deeply disturbed psyche, detached from reality in ways I have yet to fathom. I stumbled on it courtesy of Dr. Sanity, who linked to this post.

Just to get a flavor of the site, here’s his blog header:

One Cosmos

The Innersection of Lumin Development, Mental Gymgnostics, Paleoliberal Futurism, Leftist Noise Abatement, Supernatural Election, Darwinian Revelation, Isness Ministration, Orthonoetic Logomystique, Stand-up Cosmology, Escatological Upunishantics, and Dilettantric Yoga

Don’t be too put off by the, umm, eclectic nature of this (I spent about ten minutes trying to understand even one of the above terms, with no success–which means I have way too much time on my hands). This fellow’s (? gal’s?) a deep thinker, and a good–if somewhat eccentric–writer. Check it out.

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4 thoughts on “Pan-Cosmic Mullings

  1. Excellent … but strange … post! Thanks for sharing it.

    Anyone who calls himself Gagdad Bob and reads Teilhard De Chardin has to have something going for him …

    And yes, his profile says he’s male.


  2. It is very interesting, and after trying to wade through the Edgar Cayce Readings, this guy makes (some) sense and is easier to read. Thanks for the link.

  3. No wonder you can’t understand the subtitle of his blog. His favorite book is FINNEGANS freakin’ WAKE.

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